Sunday, June 1, 2008


Sunday IX in Ordinary Time - June 1, 2008

I'm foregoing mentioning the church, as this is one of the two most recent churches I've applied for the music director/organist post at. I will say this - of these two churches I previously mentioned, this is the one built by Patrick Keely in the mid 19th century. Much of the church is still very much intact. The reredos and high altar is still there. About half of the altar rail is still there (only the middle section is gone - hey, that's better than most churches, where the entire rail is removed). The organ is a three-manual Rodgers that also uses a good amount of pipework from the old Kilgen. The hymnal is Gather Comprehensive, 1994 edition (the dark green book). For the readings, there is Sunday's Word. On the most part, the music selections are a pleasing change (read: NO MASSIVE CREMATION! NO BOSTON CELTICS ALLELUIA!), and were executed quite well. There was none of this "gathering hymn" crap.

The assistant organist covered the 9:00 Mass, which I attended. The outgoing music director does the rest.

Here's the list:

We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing..."Kremser"
Lord, you have the words...Haas
- (NOTE: the previous pastor, a monsignor, was partial to the use of seasonal Psalms. I remember this from an unsuccessful interview I had with him in 1995. Hopefully with the current pastor, the new musician, hopefully me, can re-introduce the use of the Psalm of the day.)
Alleluia...Mode VI (verse was sung to tone 8G)
Amazing grace..."New Britain"
- (NOTE: I'm not the biggest fan of Amazing Grace, but I tolerate it a little more than some. What pleased me is that it was interpreted with the straight eighth notes and not the swing triplets that are written in the hymnal.)
Sanctus from People's Mass...Vermulst
Memorial A and Amen...Danish
Agnus Dei...Olawski
- (NOTE: Can't win'em all, I guess. After all, there was no Massive Cremation.)
How great thou art..."O Store Gud"
- (NOTE: OK, that's a bullet I could have done without!)
The God who sends us forth...Foley
- (NOTE: Not bad for a John Foley piece. I've heard better, but I've heard far worse. What surprised me is that the outgoing music director, who's known for changing tunes, like There's a wideness in God's mercy to "Pleading Savior" and Go, make of all disciples to "Aurelia", didn't change this one to "Leoni". The text fits perfectly - 66 84 D.)

I could picture myself here, even with the Gather Comprehensive book there.


PhiMuAlpha2681 said...


Have you see the accompaniment for Amazing Grace that's in Gather Comp I? It's gospel piano, with runs all over the place. We would always play Amazing Grace from another hymnal, which would naturally straighten the triplets out.

Brian Michael Page said...

I would normally do the accompaniment from Worship, or one I like even better is the one from Hymnal 1982 (albeit it's in F). I never do that "swing" crap.