Saturday, May 31, 2008


This morning, a gentleman amongst the laity posted an offensive pornographic image to my "fun wall" application on Facebook unsolicited. The man has been on my friends list for about a month or so, and is a fellow musician.

Unfortunately, the post was to be deleted, but may have gotten forwarded to any and all people on my friends list that has the "fun wall" application. For those who have received the image in question, please accept my sincere apology and my assurances that this forwarding was in error. I'm hoping the sender's error was in the same sense (sending to me by accident, that is, and not simply realizing that the image was sent thinking that I have a "sense of humor"). I do have a sense of humor, but that sense of humor isn't one that would intentionally send a smutty cartoon to an entire friends list when most of said friends list will indeed be offended.

I ask all of my friends on Facebook to please be very careful as to what is posted to my wall, fun wall, or whatever wall. I know that many would not post such crap to begin with, but I feel the need to warn those who would. Any future postings of such WILL result in that poster's removal from my friends list. The warning has been posted on my wall, as well as the wall of the Fans of Christus Vincit Anywhere group site, also on Facebook. I don't need it. My wife and my son in his 20's are also Facebook members. They don't need it either. Both know that I like to keep the page "Catholic-oriented". I would like to keep it that way.

Again, I apologize if anyone has received the image in question (I don't think I need to describe it in the open - TMI). Please be assured that it WAS an error.


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