Saturday, May 31, 2008


Girls softball action-packed crazy weekend edition

Well, last night Brittany pretty much "activated herself" off of the disabled list. She wanted to play (her team was two girls short, even with Brittany playing) and was determined to get on the field. So Ann and I talked to her manager and told him that if she starts complaining of pain, we want her off.

She did ok, though she was a bit timid. She went 0 for 3 plus a walk, striking out twice and grounding out. After the walk, she was out heading home on a triple by Junisha (who was on the all-star team last summer with Brittany). Britt's average is now .500 (8 for 16). Her team came from behind 5-3, scoring 10 runs in the top of the final inning to take a 13-5 lead. However, that lead was squandered in the bottom half of the inning, and we lost 14-13. Record now, 10-4 (.714 percentage).

This morning, Brittany was out on the field again for an early bird (9 AM) game. This time she was a bit more confident going back to her favorite spot - catcher (wearing the mask was her psychology in her new confidence). Two plate trips, but no at-bats. She walked in the first inning, and on her next trip hit a sacrifice grounder to first, driving in a run. Batting average remains .500 (8 for 16). Britt's team came from behind and won 9-8. Record now, 11-4 (.733 percentage).

After the game, Ann, Brittany, and Amanda (a family friend) went to get a facemask for Brittany so she can pitch again. This is a plastic protective mask that many fast-pitch softball pitchers wear to prevent accidents like the one we had last Sunday. The girls tried five different stores before successfully finding one that had the mask Britt needed.

And the action isn't over. Tonight: All Star Tryouts. Tomorrow: a make-up doubleheader (1:30 and 3 PM). And tomorrow morning I'll be attending Mass at one of the two churches I recently sent a resume to.


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