Thursday, May 8, 2008


Girls Softball Edition

Today we got to see our first softball game in over a week (last Friday's and Saturday's games were rained out).

Britt's team got smoked today by a score of 10-2, but not without the help of two mentally challenged umpires who screwed up call after call after call. Let's face it - I'm not a sore loser, but I know some bad umpiring when I see it. It was about as bad as going to Mass and enduring the usual "greatest hits" fare if not worse.

Brittany was hit by a pitch in the first and struck out in the third. It was her first strikeout, and the third strike was called on a pitch that was WAY outside.

Britt's team now has a still very respectable 6-2 record. Her batting average is now .778 (7 for 9).

Next game is this Saturday at noon.


Motherhen said...

We deal with bad umpiring on a weekly basis. The rec. umpires are just kids who are getting paid 5 bucks a game and who are "too cool" for all this.

The weekend umpires for my son's tournament games are a bit better as they are supposed to be USSSA certified, but if they are certified, sometimes it just doesn't show. Balls and strikes are just guesses, caught stealing @ 3rd are almost always called safe, even though the kid has just slid into the tag, etc. It's very frustrating. I'm waiting for my dad to get thrown out of the park he gets so worked up! LOL

Brian Michael Page said...

These two guys we had last night were just certified by the ASA and have been working together for the last four games. Usually one umpire works alone in our league unless it's all-stars. We have three really good umps - one is an older woman, probably mid to late 50's, another is a man of color, probably in his 30's, and an old scruffy-sounding guy I'd say well in his 60's. We still have a couple of veteran umps that call that are borderline retarded (one called so bad last year that one of the parents on Britt's team got thrown out for yelling "Are you (f-bomb) kidding me???" after a badly called third strike).

Last night our plate ump was watching, but clueless. The infield ump wasn't even paying attention.