Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Another win, and another plunk

Brittany's team was victorious once again, by a score of 11-4.

Today her two plate appearances were a plunk (hit by pitch) and a walk (four balls). For you baseball-challenged, both result in the batter being awarded a free trip to first base, and neither counts as a time at bat.

You would have had to see the hit-by-pitch to realize how funny it really was. Brittany got bonked on the top of her helmet. "Are you ok, Brittany?" we all ask. "I'm ok!" Britt replies, then proceeds to throw her fist up in the air as to say "Victory is mine!" and nonchelantly strut to first base - in a comical way that only Brittany could pull off. Thank God for helmets.

Our team also pulled off a RARE triple play in the first inning. The girl playing second base caught an infield pop fly (one out), tosses to second, which is covered by the shortstop to nail that runner (two out), who in turn tosses to third to nail the other runner (three out).

Brittany's batting average remains .700 (7 for 10), and her team's record is now 8-2.

Next game - Thursday at 6. Britt MAY try her hand at pitching.

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