Saturday, May 10, 2008


Here are a couple of commercials for a couple more defunct cereals that I used to eat in my youth.

First, from Post, the cereal that finally got me into watching the Pink Panther (and got me to name my cub scouts Pinewood Derby car accordingly):

Now, this next one kind of threw me a curve. It's called "Freakies", and is the first human food I've ever seen by Purina. At first I saw the new cereal with the Purina classic checkerboard logo, I seriously thought it was cat food. But it turned out to be a short-lived, yet great-tasting, cereal.

I've been trying to find some of the first Pebbles commercials (I love Cocoa Pebbles), where Fred and Barney sing "If you put sweet Pebbles in your mouth, you'll never have rocks in your head!"


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Al said...


Chex was originally made by Ralston Purina. (At least since the early 50s)

In the 90s they sold Chex (& Cookie Crisp) to General Mills.

Recently they just bought Post Cereals from Kraft.