Monday, June 9, 2008


Steamy Hot Monday Edition

We lost one of those games that doesn't really matter anyways - by a score of 9-8. We've been having this heat wave the last few days - mid to upper 90's with humidity (why do I think 110 degrees in Phoenix would be more comfy?). Anyways, we've still won two thirds of our games (14-7 / .667 percentage).

Britt went 0 for 1 - a walk and a popout to short. Now, popping out is not something I see Britt do too often, but hey - it's better than striking out. Batting average is .538 (14 for 26).

Last game of the regular season is Wednesday at 6.


PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

Losing 9-8 is better than, say, losing 1-0 in the 12th inning....


Brian Michael Page said...

True. Plus we did something a little different - we started our closing pitcher and let our starter close, so we landed up blowing an 8-4 lead (mainly walks).

To boot, more batters were plunked than normal last night - I don't know if it was the heat or what. Some of the girls, Brittany included, took up the invite by one of the parents to use the pool after the game. No relief in sight today - 97 predicted high, heat index 102.


The Crescat said...

tag, suck-ah.