Friday, July 4, 2008


...but I had to re-install winders.

Yeah, some virus popped in disguised as, get this, Microsoft Security Center - that's the one that monitors Windows Firewall and Automatic Updates. Until just last Wednesday, the real MS Security Center treated my computer really well. However, just out of the blue, this bogus "MS Security Center" decided to wreak havoc on my Internet, throwing ads all over the place and redirecting search engine hits.

If I had my way, I'd go Mac. A couple of teachers I ran into at a training course I've been recently taking for digital print media swear by a Mac, as does my son Chris, as well as my ex-boss. In fact, Chris had said to me at one point, "Once you go Mac, you'll never go back". I've heard the Mac has hardly any bugs/viruses, if any at all.

Only two things are holding me back from going Mac:
1. Finances or lack thereof
2. My wife, who still swears by Windows.

I have a couple of things left to do before I'm back to full strength. I should have a new podcast episode up in about a week or so.

Gotta love Microshaft!


Motherhen said...

We have computer issues all the time. If I dare to download something, my computer has a freak and dies, then resurrects it's self!

I'd like to go Mac, but dh doesn't want it.

Lyn F. said...

Well, you could be a two-computer family. My brother has a mac whilst his wife has the PC. They're coexisting quite well with that set-up.

I used to have problems with my PC until I finally listened to the IT people in my department and installed Firefox and Thunderbird. I also have Spybot and Ad-Aware running, in addition to my anti-virus software. Between all of the above, my PC problems stopped. Just like that. The first time I ran Ad-Aware, it caught well over 200 pieces of spyware. Nowadays when I run those programs, it comes completely clean.

I am forced to use Microsoft products because of compatibility issues with church and school. But at least since I stopped using Internet Explorer (and I've always disliked Outlook), my computer woes have stopped as well.

Adam Schwend said...

I have a mac for my home use, but honestly, it's more than I need. My wife does graphic design for a living and swears by it, but for what I do, I think it's just more than I need. So, next time around, I'll probably go back to windows.

Dad29 said...

Mac made its bones on graphics, not on biz apps.

And as a matter of fact, Mac-attacks are becoming more frequent as its market share rises--which makes sense, no?

Adrienne said...

I also use Firefox and my only security is the AVG free edition.

My computer guru told me about AVG and Kim Komando recommends it, too.

I've heard Macs are starting to have more problems with security.