Thursday, July 31, 2008


1. The most obvious: I gave the "E-Z Blog Navigation Device" at the top of the page a bit of a facelift. What this navigation device does is make it a little easier to surf the sidebar, since it's quite lenghty. I basically tried to make it a little "more attractive".

2. On the "E-Z Blog Navigation Device", one of the buttons you will see is marked "CV Tag Cloud". As of today, it's exactly that - a "tag cloud", just like those Technorati tag clouds you often see. This makes our list of "categories/tags/labels/whatever you want to call them" a bit smaller by fitting two or more tags to a line in many cases.

For those using Blogger and would like a "tag cloud", I got the code here. It's in three parts. Once all three codes are in, you can make alterations as desired (for example, I changed the "text align" tag from "center" to "left", and the "font family" tag from "arial, sans serif" to "Tahoma").

Anyone else wanna put their heads in a cloud?

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