Thursday, July 10, 2008


Right now, the chances are pretty good in landing a full-time job (finally) in the next couple of weeks or so. That's the good news.

The bad news is that it is not as a church musician. Yup - I could be going blue collar quite soon. I have to meet with the company again on 7/22. The company is a nationwide premium food distribution firm that has a branch here in RI. Residential customers may call in an order, or order online, or place an order directly with the driver. It is the driver/sales job that I will likely be doing. The salary/bennie package is very attractive, and unless some parish steps up and matches this salary, I can almost safely say that I'll be delivering premium food for a living.

Will you give up the Extraordinary Form Mass at St. Leo the Great?
Absolutely not. In fact, the company mentioned above doesn't do Sundays. My commitment with St. Leo's is one Sunday per month.

What about substitute work?
Yes, I will be available to fill in on weekends for anyone who needs a substitute organist in Rhode Island or nearby cities/towns in Massachusetts.

What about the Christus Vincit Network?
Anyone who thinks I'm giving up Christus Vincit - the BLOG!, Christus Vincit ANYWHERE!, or Christus Vincit TV is smoking some serious freakin' crack! I have absolutely no intentions of giving up blogging, podcasting, or anything that keeps me connected in the liturgy/music world. You can bet I want to stay on top of things so when the right job does arise, I'll be there!

In the meantime, I also plan on continuing my musical composition endeavors. After all, I want to keep promoting SACRED music for Holy Mass, and demoting the happy-clappy stuff.

My job title may be different, but my connections and aspirations are not.

PS: For my last two former pastors who are probably reading this, I hope you're happy. But be warned - this is only temporary if I can help it!


Unknown said...

This is very good news that you will be working soon! Although taking this job will prevent from working for the Church full-time, you may still search for something part-time. Also, e-mail what happened with BS as you said you were going to call them.

Lyn F. said...

Good on you, Brian! You can always work with the Church part-time. In fact, I'll bet it's safe to say that some of the smaller parishes might only employ their musicians part-time anyway. Would you still have access to an organ to practice on? Gotta keep that up, of course!

Best of luck with all your future endeavours.

Dad29 said...

Good luck. If my guess is right, that Company was founded by a Wisconsin Synod Lutheran fellow--thus, they will be very respectful of religious sensibilities in general.

Brian Michael Page said...

It's a Minnesota-based company, Dad29, if that's any help. Whether or not they're WELS, I'm not sure. I do know this - they DON'T do Sundays. They've made that very clear. But that still leaves me screwed for choir rehearsals and holydays of obligation.

Scelata said...

Good luck and God bless.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Adrienne said...

This is good news......

Richard Chonak said...

I think they own the Freschetta brand sold in grocery stores: good stuff.