Saturday, July 5, 2008


Anticipated Mass for Sunday XIV of Ordinary Time
5 PM - Saint Joseph Church, Providence, RI

This, btw, was the second of the two Providence churches I applied at back in May (this one is the one built by Patrick Keely). Unfortunately I found out my fate here was about the same as every other place I've applied since November 15, 2007. The two bright spots are 1) they hired someone REALLY good, and 2) I know where he left and I plan on applying there first thing Monday morning. In fact, that parish where I'll be applying is one where I filled in for about six weeks last winter when the now-outgoing organist was on the injured reserved list.

The organist/music director at St. Joe's left two weeks ago, relocating to California. The assistant organist is officially retired after the 11:15 Mass tomorrow. The new music director will be on his own.

Anyhoo, here's the music list:

Glory and praise to our God...Schutte (blech, but I've heard much worse)
Gloria and Psalm was SAID, not sung (I'm not surprised that the Gloria was said - that seems to be common in this diocese, but the Psalm said?)
Alleluia...Mode VI
Alleluia! sing to Jesus..."Hyfrydol"
Sanctus...Vermulst/"People's Mass"
Christ has died and Amen...Danish
Agnus...Olawski (the only other really low point)
He shall feed his flock/Come unto me...Handel/"Messiah" (the cantor sang these beautifully)
Mine eyes have seen the glory..."Battle Hymn"

Postlude was something I've only heard Jason do until tonight - Rutter's Toccata in Seven. Kick azz tune!

I don't mind the Battle Hymn musically, but liturgically I can't see it. The Fourth was yesterday. It does, however, remind me of something a high school friend once made up about two teachers at our alma mater - the first being the band director at the time we went there, the second was the head of the science department...

My name is Mr. Chrabaszcz, but my students call me "Ted";
There always making fun of me 'cause I have a big fat bald round head.
I give some of my students first parts even though they're not the best.
I wish I knew how to dress.

We love Mr. Nashawarty. We love Mr. Nashawarty.
We love Mr. Nashawarty. He's the hero for you and me!


(PS: The first teacher's name is pronounced "Shray-behs".)

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