Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yeah, like after all these years I'm supposed to be able to fend for myself. Sure. Even though I was a bachelor and didn't marry until age 37.... and now she decides to stay with her folks a few extra weeks (like until the end of Aug. when her father turns 93.....). So this means I get to move all the stuff into the house from storage, get it all set up for my bachelor time and then she'll come home and rearrange things while I'm at work....(it's a long, long joke with us.... quirky things that keep us laughing like fools).

So pray not for Katie. She will do well. After all, she has the REALLY, REALLY GREAT PHONE that has a qwerty keyboard, and she can text me at a zillion times faster than I can with having to press darn near every key three, four...times..... so much easier to hit speed dial #2 and hear the voice of my gorgeous wife. . . And I still get to walk the dog, clean the cat poop out of the box (oops, forgot to do that this week.... no wonder Guinivere (affectionally known as "G'vere") has been meeeeeooooowring at me even after she gets the dead stinky yucky cat food. - Don't tell Katie, or I'm in trouble!!!)



Motherhen said...

So did you stock up on tv dinners @ Doritos? :)

I just bought my dh a used blackberry w/the qwerty keyboard. He textes more than a teenaged girl w/a new found love!

Unknown said...

Fortunately,, I know how to cook - and cook well. Problem is that all our stuff is in the storage unit for a few more days, but I join a few folks eating out (and here are a bunch of Hispanics saying, "I HATE MEXICAN FOOD!!!!!" Which makes the problem worse - I love it...but it's definitely NOT healthy. Finding a decent burger at a decent price is a challenge. And Olive Garden prices have jumped a whopping 30% at least since we last visited one - and then hit the one here...never again!

I finally got my friends to just leave a voice mail or sms thingie, or send email. It's too time consuming to do otherwise - my phone is not the highest end equipment and is notoriously slow, which is a good thing!!!