Monday, June 15, 2009

A Village Can't do this....

It takes me HOURS to choose the hymns for Mass.

I'm not talking about a single day, either. Me esteemed snark, Brian, has been showing an excellent way to "figure out" how to choose the liturgical music of the day. It makes a huge amount of difference in the choices that are made, when compared to the choices made simply by looking at the Scriptures assigned through the lectionary.

For the next six weeks, we're embarking on a new music journey here at CTK-CC,TX.....

The entrance hymns are all chosen from the collection Introit Hymns, published by WLP (which, by the way, USED to be known as WLSM, World Library of Sacred Music....kind of like GIA USED to be known as Gregorian Institute of America. So much lost in just a few initials now followed by periods.....

Because it's summer, I've asked the parish priests for just a tiny bit less singing: the Kyrie and the Lord's Prayer.

We'll be chanting the Communion antiphon to Tone VIII. The reason for doing this is because in the Fall season, M-Th, we'll be having the people chant the introit, instead of singing a hymn. This is done for several reasons, not necessarily in order of importance: we have to watch the time....the introit needs to be re-introduced to the people as a sung portion of the liturgy, and not something the priest says after his greeting. . .

The Psalms will be chanted to either Tone II, III or VIII, except on 7/13, when we'll be singing a setting of Psalm 23 which I composed just before being diagnosed with cancer in 2004. It's one of my favorite compositions (HEY! someone has to be my fan, and it might as well be

So, here's the lineup for June 21st:

Entrance - The Lord is the Strength of His People - St. Denio
Offertory - I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say - Kingsfold
Recessional - I Sing the Mighty Power of God - Ellacombe

After 42 years, it seems to become more challenging to choose the most appropriate music - I just remember way too many hymns and tunes! (Might as well enjoy this predicament while it lasts. Someday, I might not remember my name....)

Okay. It's off to see how I fared with Brian's list!!!

Make sure you get your snarkicillin shots. A very bad case of infectisnarkillillus is making the rounds.


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