Sunday, June 7, 2009


Trinity Sunday - June 7, 2009 - 9:30 AM
St. Joan of Arc Church, Cumberland, RI

I'm surprised that Paul B. didn't go with the old Trinity standbys (O God, Almighty Father or reasonable facsimile thereof, and Holy, Holy, Holy, especially when the refrain of the former does so well with the introit of the day). He did do well, however, in choosing All Hail, Adored Trinity.

Also, a familiar face from my Holy Name days assisted at Mass - the Rev. Mr. Al Marcello. Deacon Al is a transitional deacon who is being ordained to the priesthood next weekend. I'm very optimistic that he will make a very fine orthodox Roman Catholic priest.

I forgot to mention last week: the Tabernacle in this modern pagoda-like ediface is centered, where it belongs. Not hidden in another room, or thrown off to the side, as seems to be the trend in many parishes these days. The drapes over the altar and pulpit are far more classy than most. They are more in the style of traditional-type vestments, instead of cheap felt and kindergarten cutouts. I should also mention the candles, though shorter, are placed on the altar three on either side, somewhat similar to the preferred setup by our Holy Father. Now Father Bourdon just needs to add a crucifix to the center. I personally like the two-sided crucifix at Holy Name - you need not reposition it if you opt to go ad orientem.

Anyways, here's the music:

"Old Hundredth": All hail, adored Trinity
Alstott: Blessed the people the Lord has chosen and Alleluia
Vogt: Age to Age (the only really crappy piece in the mix)
Alstott: Sanctus, Memorial A, and Amen from "Heritage Mass"
Agnus Dei XVIII
Franck: Panis Angelicus
"Hyfrydol": Alleluia! sing to Jesus

Personally, I would have saved the last two for Corpus Christi (next Sunday) - but it still beats the hell out Table of Plenty, Song of the Body of Christ, and similar ilk.


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Daggnabbit! I plum forgot about All Hail, Adored Trinity.... oh well.