Saturday, June 20, 2009

ON THE WAY HOME... mom was telling my wife and me a couple of things that have happened recently at her home parish.

First of all, let's explain. My mom has not had a car since her wreck a few months ago. Given her age (she'll be 77 in less than a month), I highly doubt she'll drive again. From then until about a month or so ago, a neighbor was taking her to Holy Mass. That neighbor recently moved to Virginia. So, I started taking her. I won't go to her regular home parish for one reason --- THEY'VE GOT A GEE-TAR! So, we've been going to St. Joan of Arc.

Anyhoo, on the way home, my mom was telling me that the pastor at her home parish brought to their attention an abuse which I think is just downright low. Apparently there are people there who would receive Holy Communion, then go outside and spit it out. Seriously, if you're just going to spit Jesus out, why receive Him in the first place? That, to me, is even worse than when the people spit at Jesus and taunted him just before his death!

On a funnier note, though also true, there have been people there who actually have the gall to ask the usher for change at the collection. Yes, people would put, let's say, a $10 bill in the collection plate and ask for $5 back.

Nice parish, eh?! But then, THEY'VE GOT A GEE-TAR!

On a side note, at a parish that I once worked, Precious Blood Church in Woonsocket, there was a guy who would strut into church with an old guitar on his back. He would put money from board games (Monopoly, Masterpiece, etc.) into the basket.



Adrienne said...

I've got one better.

The church we went to at Easter not only had a strumming guitar player, but after the entrance song he stuck a CD into the electronic keyboard and he and his wife strummed and sang along for the rest of the Mass.

Happy Easter, indeed

DominiSumus said...

I had some "musicians" come for a wedding a few years ago who played the guitar to a CD.

As for spitting out the Blessed Sacrament - once again, I thought I had seen it all and was proven wrong. It breaks my heart.

Motherhen said...

Why would people receive Communion? Was it a desecration thing?

As for the gee-tar, well, you know what I think! My kids ex-musical director of the school choir had the kids sing along w/a CD EVEN THOUGH they had a perfectly fine organist.