Sunday, June 28, 2009


On June 18, my nephew Christian and his eighth grade class graduated from a Catholic school in Woonsocket. I didn't go (I had to work), but my mother did, and she gave me a copy of the program. She did alert me that there was no organ. It was a choir, piano, and the gee-tar. So, yeah, pretty much the same goofy type of set-up that ran the music when he made his First Communion a few years back.

The opening "hymn" (if you want to call it that) was Here me is, Lard.
The "Gospel Acclamation" was Sing all sing. (Last I remember, the Gospel Acclamation at Holy Mass is supposed to be Alleluia, except during Lent.)
The offertory was some ditty called We offer gifts. (Is this supposed to be an eighth grade graduation or kindergarten graduation?)
The "Holy", "Acclamation", "Amen", and "Lamb of God" (exactly how these are written in the program) are listed merely as "sung". So I have no clue what settings were used, but can imagine.
The Communion ditties were My voice is thirsting (Does this title make any sense? I guess the opposite of this is My stomach is mute) and Open the eyes. And to add more crap to the crap, there was a "meditation hymn", With one voice.
The recessional was How great is our God. (If this is the one I think it is, which came from a 70's book called Songs of Praise, published by Servant Music, I haven't heard this one since my last nightmare.)

Whoever wrote out the program even went as far as thanking the eighth graders for choosing the music. I highly doubt that the eighth graders would have chosen this dreck on their own. I'm guessing they weren't given much to choose from. Awful stuff!



Unknown said...

I usually - okay, ALWAYS, get thoroughly pissed off when I hear, see, whatever, that kids choose music for Holy Mass. First off, why? Second, why does anyone think that someone other than a real "pastoral" musician is capable of doing this.... and third, a big freaking loudly screaming "WHY???????"
But that's just my opinion. And not even an humble opinion at that.

Lyn F. said...


To be honest with you, I haven't even heard of a lot of this stuff.

It's such a shame that Catholics are being short-changed as far as quality music is concerned at the Liturgy. Hearing that this is the kind of fluff that the young people are being exposed to is certainly not very encouraging at all.

Unknown said...

What is so wrong, so very wrong...and deeply saddening to know, is that with all the power the Church hierachy has, that they don't use some of it to insure that such things as terrible music are visited upon the people while in the pews - or in the schools (elementary, high and even at nuttersham and gorgetown blisterversity)... but then, good taste has not always been a hallmark of RCatholicism in many areas of our common being one of them.... tsk tsk he says, hanging the head in shame....

Unknown said...

Apparently, I chose the music for my confirmation mass about 5 years ago. I doubt that since there was no Latin.


Brian Michael Page said...

At my confirmation, we had Carey Landry ditties forced down our throats like castor oil from a pissed off nanny. "Peas and carrots is flowing like a polluted river" and "Abba Father" come to mind. The CCD authority figures were foaming at the mouth because none of us were singing.