Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thecladome move over

Brian's recent posting....reminded me of a "grand" building in the south of Miami. (that's meeeeeeee-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh-meeeeeee to those not from Cuba)..... here's the link for you. You just gotta see it.

Inside, the building is deceptive, the seating area is huge but it still appears small. The organ is an 18-23 rank Moller, and it's loud because of the huge space it must fill.....but that's the price to be paid for putting it in a far corner of a space shi I mean unusual room.

This post brought to you by Christus Spohn Hospital, Corpus Christi, TX, current temporary home of SteveO.......seems the heat and terrible humidity really messes up things for people with congestive heart failure issues......and I was doing so well for 18months!!!!


BMP adds on: Here it is...the LOUIEDOME!

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Unknown said...

The only thing good about the louielouiedome is that there is an honest to goodness REAL PIPE ORGAN...and it is probably used. I had auditioned for the position as organist there way back in 1983, I think. The organ was nice. Loud, as I said in the post. The music program, though largely trashy, does include traditional music. Although I'm not sure of the quality of it, or the scope.....