Monday, June 8, 2009


Well, it's soon here. Trinity, followed by a week long, exhaustive VBS, Catholic Style. No chance for Poncho Ladies to survive here, Brian!!!!!!! Just let them try to show their faces here - some of our parishioners will escort them to the shark fest.....hahaha.


Entrance: Sing Praise to Our Creator
Gott Sei Gepriesen
Kyrie - Mass XVI
Gloria - Heritage
Psalm - Tone II
Alleluia - Murray
Offertory - Holy, Holy, Holy - Nicaea
Sanctus - Mass XVIII
Mortem - from Sacramentary
Pater Noster - Snow (in time, the REAL CHANT!)
Agnus Dei - Mass XVIII
Marian Chant - Salve Regina - Mode V
Recessional - Lord, You Give the Great Commission - Hymn to Joy
with text slightly adjusted for the sake of Scriptural accuracy
Organ - Voluntary Nr. 2 (Diapason/Trumpet) - William Boyce

The bulletin is a pdf available for viewing....if I can figure out how to make that link available.. . if you want to see it, beg Brian, and he can coach me through the process..... if you're brave enough.... (it's an eight page booger, complete with info on the Athanasian Creed, plus a few programmatic notes on the music)...

UPDATE 6/8/09: Click here for the .pdf --BMP.


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Brian Michael Page said...

Steve, send it to me and I'll upload it for you. I have a subdomain on specifically for blog items (.pdf's, .mp3's) that can't be uploaded any other way.