Tuesday, June 23, 2009


at the Westminster Cathedral

Some great news in the UK, compliments of Damian Thompson (click on his name to read the full story):

The big free-standing altar that cluttered up the sanctuary of Westminster Cathedral has gone for good, it seems - with the full approval of Archbishop Vincent Nichols, who is happy to celebrate Mass at the proper altar at the back of the sanctuary, under the baldacchino.
Not only has the new altar (above) gone, but the hideous wooden platform on which it stood is now firmly locked away in a warehouse, never to return. And its location is being kept a secret, lest Tabletistas steal it back and try to restore what they imagine is "Vatican II worship".

I like Abp. Nichols already!


Unknown said...

I hope that he soon determines that there is not enough room to face the congregation at his fixed altar, and can such only celebrate ad orientem.

Unknown said...

Wow. This all got past me...I thought Westminster would never have such a contraption. Don't they have an incredible, massive REAL organ, and do REAL music (often with the congregation not participating with full active and conscious....oh - they listen, I get it now...lol).

The comments section of the article (link) were fun to read - the banter there, though caustic from time to time, is nearly always civil. Would that we could learn to do that. Oh...that's too much work, and would lessen our amount of fun in things....there I go again...