Saturday, June 20, 2009


From Houston, TX, the original home of the Astros, the Astrodome.

From Seattle, WA, the original home of the Mariners, the Kingdome.

From Minneapolis, MN, still home to the Minnesota Twins, the Metrodome.

Finally, from Pembroke, MA, home to St. Thecla Roman Catholic Parish, the Thecladome.



Richard Chonak said...

LOL! Brian, you snuck that one right up on us!

Hey, I was in Rockford, IL, last night to see a drum corps show, and hundreds of people were caught in a long, torrential downpour before the showtime. A domed stadium would have come in very handy. Come to think of it, I bet even some of these Midwest high schools have them. :)

Brian Michael Page said...

The drum corps could have used a place like the Thecladome (tee hee!).

I actually drove past that church yesterday in my Schwan's truck. That's when the "Thecladome" idea started.


Lyn F. said...

Heh, I've seen other similar "church in the round" domed buildings. Tyler and I blogged on one such place. Click here if you care to read it. Comments, of course, would be welcomed as well. :)

Brian Michael Page said...

Lyn, that building you and Tyler posted on, though still a roundhouse, looks a little bit classier than the Thecladome, I fear. Not much, but some. It's missing that space-age-like roof.

Lyn F. said...

Good point, Brian. At least it looks like a building. *snrk*

Sorry - I have comment moderation on posts older than a year. It was the best way to combat the annoying spam-bots. I've approved your comment, so no worries on that end. :)