Sunday, June 28, 2009


This one takes place on the Interstate...

What the hell is up lately with people traveling the center lane of a three-lane Interstate doing 5-10 MPH UNDER the speed limit when there is no traffic jam and the road is dry? If you're gonna go that slow, move to the freakin' right lane where you belong, or perhaps to the breakdown lane.

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Anonymous said...

Back in 2005 when my mother, etc., moved to TN to be near her son (whom I suspect she thought was going to die, and she could play the huge martyr role), we were driving on the local interstate one day and she was complaining about how shittily the people drove there. Then I asked her how fast she was driving (there was no other traffice around at the time). She said 40... to which I said something tacky that nearly got me slapped... "Mom. You're getting way too old to drive and bitch at the same time. Your mind is working faster than your car is driving. Pedal it faster old woman... HONEST, I really did say that to her. Two weeks later, when I was released from the hospital on account of arsenic poisoning, I was advised not to file charges against her because she might get pi**y with me the next time.. .. lol.