Sunday, August 3, 2008



We WON the Attleboro Tournament! - UPDATE 9:00 PM

Early this morning our girls played the game that they were supposed to play yesterday afternoon (it just HAD to rain now, didn't it?). Britt's team beat Abington, MA, by a score of 8-2. Brittany walked in the first inning and scored on a triple by Kaylee M. I had to leave for Mass after the triple. The report from Ann (my wife) and Brittany (my daughter) was that Brittany went 1 for 2 after that - first a whiff, then a two-run single.

This third victory, coupled with the fact that we outscored our opponents in these three games 29-2, gave us top seed for the championship round.

The 2:00 game was a rematch against the Boston team we played yesterday. Britt whiffed twice, again baffled by Boston pitching, but we beat them again - this time 5-1.

The 5:00 game was a 7-0 shutout win over Plainville, MA. Here Britt walked and grounded out.

Finally, the 7:00 game against Swansea, MA - Britt whiffed twice, but we took that game 6-0, and the CHAMPIONSHIP! In six games, we outscored our opponents 47-3.

BMP, the proud Dad!

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