Saturday, August 2, 2008


Good thing I switched hit counters when I did!

Trying to get to Fr. Z's blog and other blogs, I had encountered this error message:

At first I thought it was me, as several blogs sent that error message. It turns out that blogs and website that have Sitemeter loaded are generating this error message to Internet Explorer users. This info is coming from Diane at Te Deum Laudamus (the screenshot above is Diane's as well). She removed Sitemeter, and her blog is now working fine.

Incidentally, I switched hit counters months ago, thank God!

UPDATE: Diane left a link to a list of Google News stories on Sitemeter's chaos in the combox.



Diane Korzeniewski said...

Brian - it's affecting a whole lot more than just blogs.

Anyone visiting any site on the web which has Sitemeter code is blocked from seeing that site.

This is huge and as of recently, there was still no statement found by Sitemeter (I'm assuming people with Firefox are looking at the note board at Sitemeter for some kind of response and thus far, nothing)

Jeff Miller said...

Isn't it rather embarrassing to admit you use Internet Explorer? Surely IE 7 is much improved over the dangerous IE 6, but still. Friends don't let their friends use IE.