Wednesday, August 6, 2008

THE NEW MASS ORDINARY TRANSLATION... available for viewing at the USCCB website. The page linked here is the introductory letter by Bishop Arthur Serratelli, chairman of the Committee on Divine Worship (CDW), stating its approval by the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments (the other CDW, but with a DS added on, tee hee!), followed by links to the complete Mass Ordinary text, and individual links to each of the four Eucharistic Prayers (the original four that came with the Novus Ordo - there's no mention of any of those added on later, i.e., Reconciliation, Children's, etc.).

The big question now is when do they take place? There is no promulgation date indicated, but that's probably because the Propers (orations, readings, Psalms, etc.) are still going through the ringer and the Bishops are most likely waiting so that they can put it all together in one package.

I can't help but to think positive. After all, the big difference between the new CDW and the old BCL is that unlike the old BCL, the new CDW is chaired by a bishop who gets it!


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