Friday, August 1, 2008


Mary Jane Ballou over at Sacred Miscellany came up with a cool idea for iPods: Load them with hymns and songs (not all of the songs in the hymn section of a Music Issue or Gather Comprehensive are hymns) of all different kinds. Then, those who pitch your typical complaints ("I don't like Latin", "I want Latin", "I'm sad that there are certain songs we're never going to sing again" - that pops up after about a couple of months of my direction, "too traditional", "too contemporary", etc.) can just listen to what they like when it's really time to sing.

Mary Jane explains:
On entering the church, each worshipper will pick up a pre-loaded iPod. (This can be one of the less expensive models since the storage space is minimal.) After a brief prayer of recollection, he or she can sit back in the pew and select the hymn package they prefer – contemporary, traditional, kids' favorites, funeral. Then each time a hymn is appropriate, just press "play." Since they don't sing anyway, their voices won't clash.
Another service that can easily improve worship in the "Church of All About Me."

On the other hand, as Mary Jane rightfully states in bold:
Of course, as an alternative we could educate worshippers in the meaning and purpose of the liturgy.

BTW, I pick the iPod with the Latin hymns and chants, along with good solid traditional-style hymns in English too. What do you mean you ran out? There's hardly anyone in church yet!

One other add-on of my own: what if you don't like Father's preaching? Can you get an iPod loaded with your favorite podcast? Rosary Army? Catholic: Under the Hood? Christus Vincit ANYWHERE? (The middle title would be the best bet, since it's hosted by a priest.)


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