Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The Holy Ghost Parish Website has just been updated, and Fr. Finelli put the concert right on the front page. He and I are obviously both excited. It also got into this past weekend's bulletin.
Also, a special thanks to Fr. Joseph Santos over at Holy Name for including the announcement in their bulletin. This was my first contact with Fr. Santos, and he was just as cordial as the former pastor (whom I worked for), Fr. Kevin Fisette, had been the four years I was there (he was great!). Thank you very much. For their bulletin, just click on the link above, or on the sidebar, and click the bulletin link and follow instructions there. But you only have till the weekend to check it out, as the bulletin page gets updated weekly by Mark Berardo and John Corrigan (two super gentlemen from the Latin Mass community there).

+In Christ,


Cathy said...

Um, Bri?
Why is your Christmas concert on December 28th?
Not that there's any hard and fast rules, it's just that...
Anyhow, I think it's so nice that you guys have coffee and pastries afterwards.
What a nice idea to get everyone together.
I have long advocated a 'Post Midnight Mass' party with a few snacks and maybe even
some celebratory sparkling wine - mimosas, maybe? Ah, well. At any rate, it'll be
going on at my house afterwards.
No matter how old I get, staying up to eat breakfast and drink a cocktail after Midnight
Mass just feels like I'm doing something sneaky - I love it!

Brian Michael Page said...

"Why is your Christmas concert on December 28th?"

Ah! so we can say we had our Christmas concert in the Christmas season (as opposed to the Advent season). :)


Cathy said...

Oh, you people are too much. :)
That's awesome!