Thursday, December 22, 2005


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Fr. Finelli's iPadre Podcast #8, done yesterday - Church Tour. The podcast opens with the iPadre jingle, followed by yours truly doing one of my own impromptus on "Wachet Auf" (Wake, O wake, for night is flying). That little two-manual Rodgers sounds pretty dang good on tape. This was done after everyone cleared out of Mass on Immaculate Conception.

Meanwhile, in Harrisburg, Nick made the Channel 21 newscast with his choir at rehearsal. Go to Channel 21's Media Center, then click "Dream Job". This was taped at choir rehearsal, with the choir performing "The First Nowell", as arranged by David Willcocks. The III/52 pipe organ has recently been restored, and it sounds great!

NOTE: For those readers who don't know about organ specifications, the "III/52" is described thus: the Roman numeral on the left of the slash is the number of manuals (keyboards) on the console of the organ. The Arabic numeral on the right is the number of ranks (groups) of pipes (grouped by voice) in the organ case(s).

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Andrew said...

Does Holy Ghost have a website? It sounds like a beautiful church.

Brian Michael Page said...

it's It's actually a modern complex (1987), but the seating style is traditional (it's not "stadium style" or "in the round"). The current pastor is the first to try to traditionalize things there. We have a traditional-style confessional box now, and just recently, a "semi altar rail" type thingie (the segments run around the corners where the votive candles are located pretty much). The Tabernacle is centered behind the altar where it belongs (IMO). He's done well since he got there 3-1/2 years ago. Little at a time.


Lyn F. said...

Just out of curiosity, Brian - how did you record that? Do you have a MIDI recorder attached to the organ? Or did you record this by some other means? Sounds great, btw.

Brian Michael Page said...

Father had a recording device of his own, with an external mic attached to it. He went back about 20 feet from the choir room.

Thanks much for the compliment! :-)