Sunday, December 25, 2005


Fr. Jay Finelli's Midnight Mass homily can be found at iPadre. When you get there, simply click on "Podcast #9: Midnight Mass Homily". Father opens his podcast with the parish choir (directed by yours truly) singing "O Holy Night". "O Holy Night" was actually our Communion anthem, but Father's precision splicing made it possible to be played before the homily.

"Silent Night, Holy Night", though not listed in the podcast, as performed by our choir, is featured at the end of the podcast. This was on the most part done in unison, mainly because I couldn't bear to play all three verses on just three chords. So for verses 2 and 3, I played around a bit. ;)

Please bear in mind that this choir was built from scratch just last year. Many of our choir either never sang in a choir before, or haven't sung in a choir in a long time. In fact, only one of our choir members was a member of the parish choir when my predecessor was the director. And one 11-year-old young lady with a voice that resembles that of Charlotte Church sang in our junior choir last year. She has really proven herself, because I don't just take any old kid into an adult choir. We're not basilica caliber yet, but we're a long way from where we were a year ago. I take great pride in their progress, and their devotion to the parish.

As Father says: Please don't go to the manger and take Jesus out of there, but take Jesus with you in your hearts. (Someone already scammed our incense charcoal this morning - two bags of it, but someone did bring in a roll so we'd have it for 10:00 Mass).


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