Friday, December 21, 2007

THE "LEGEND" OF THE THREE WISE MEN told by someone not so wise.

The Archbishop of Canterbury said yesterday that the Christmas story of the Three Wise Men was nothing but a 'legend'.

Dr Rowan Williams has claimed there was little evidence that the Magi even existed and there was certainly nothing to prove there were three of them or that they were kings.

Dr Williams said: "Matthew's gospel says they are astrologers, wise men, priests from somewhere outside the Roman Empire, that's all we're really told. It works quite well as legend."

Let's see - Saint Matthew writes:
...behold, Wise Men from the East came to Jerusalem, saying "Where is he who has been born the king of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the East, and have come to worship him."

Sounds to me like those Wise Men were real and not just "ZZ Top doing a FarmAid concert" (apologies to Jeff Foxworthy). But then, that's why the Archbishop of Canterbury is not of the One True Church.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Archbishop of Canterbury needs to pick up his Bible once in a while--and who has he been listening to for his strange ideas?--not anyone in the One True Church! Gee, I guess when you don't have the Holy Spirit to guide you, you can come up with all sorts of crazy ideas.

Al said...


The Magi have claimed there was little evidence that Dr. Rowan Williams brain even existed and there was certainly nothing to prove that he ever took a theology class or that he was an actual archbishop.