Wednesday, December 12, 2007


OK - I've been out of work for about nearly four weeks now, but here is the new choir I get to direct in order to stay in practice for the next job I get.

This cat is a former lounge singer at St. Joan's and is now the soprano section leader in our Cat Chorale.

This soprano may look and act like Paris Hilton, but she's brought the roof down at Lincoln Center, so she likes to think.

One of our altos, this cat is an accomplished blues singer down at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, while doubling as a section leader at my former roundhouse church.

Pinky here was once a liturgical dance choreographer for a certain west coast religious misedumacation congress, until she found the knack for singing and joined last year's congress choir.

Finally, the founding member of the Cat Chorale, and one of the first parish folk group members. She even tried to start a folk group while the 1962 Roman Missal was still in force as the Ordinary Form of worship.

Think they can sing Gregorian Chant?


Anonymous said...

Someone call for help... Brian's gone crazy.

Brian Michael Page said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Matthew - where have you been mon?

Yes, I do need help - the #^@&!^% section leader's already starting $&!+. (LMAO!)