Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's been a short day off!

You only have to take 24 hours off to get a LOT of emails from the boss. And they were all great emails, too. Here's a listing of the really great stuff:

1. Yes to the weekly 'leaflets' listing all the music, etc.

2. The Vigil of Pentecost will be the VIGIL OF PENTECOST - not an anticipated Mass. Finally - it's the 2nd time in 42 years that I get to experience this wonderful liturgy, and done right to boot. All the other parishes, the priests could have really cared less. And with the sequence - although it may be truncated. There's a nice strophic setting to O Filii et Filiae that I may use.

3. Corpus Christi Masses will be IN LATIN. Pinch me. Now. Have I died and gone to heaven or what? Oh - no, that couldn't be. It's much too humid here to be heaven.

As with all parishes, there are many things which need to be accomplished here, and as usual, my motto of "educate, educate, educate...and when you get tired of that, educate, educate, educate" will still be in force. The leaflets will help with some of that. Of course the first test will be to see how the ushers deal with this new routine. But they're really nice people (mostly men, but a few women as well), and they are good at what they do.

Be still my beating heart (on second thought - keep on beating, heart, wretched and vile thing be ye): if I'm able to muster the vocal and instrumental forces, our All Souls' Day Mass (7pm) will include the Faure "Requiem" - complete with the Dies Irae. The parish has black vestments. The altar is one which can be moved - so "ad orientem" here we come!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw, he says, with his best drawl.

Another bonus for working here at the parish - our associate Pastor, Fr. Tung Trang, loves to fish and shrimp. Both are in great supply here. Except for the deveining and head/leg amputation part, Friday nights just got a whole lot better than my usual catch of the day (Mrs. Paul's).....

Upcoming: "graduation", VBS (a real Catholic version!!!), and other stuff.

Okay folks. Enough for tonight. Early day tomorrow....Morning Prayer and Mass... such a life. How long can I continue to be so blessed?


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Brian Michael Page said...

This place sounds like a real music director's dream. I hope the support from the pastor is long lasting, unlike my last parish, where it lasted only 3 years.