Sunday, April 5, 2009


Palm Sunday - April 5, 2009 (Ordinary Form)
Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, Providence, RI

10:00 AM Mass - The Most Rev. Thomas J. Tobin, Principal Celebrant

Even without the choir (and I'm amazed that they didn't sing this Mass), the music was still of very high quality. There were two cantors (one male, one female - and, thankfully, without all that needless wing-flapping!), plus organist Phil Faraone (one of the best improvisers around, IMO) playing the mighty Casavant. And when I mean "mighty Casavant", I mean that this 1972 monster is one of the world's largest trackers at 125 ranks over four manuals and pedal.

The "Solemn Entrance" option was used at this Mass.

Entrance chant: Hosanna to the Son of David (Mode VII)
Processional: All glory, laud, and honor (St. Theodulph)
Psalm: My God, my God (Peloquin, from Songs of Israel, Volume 1) (absolutely gorgeous!)
Gospel Acclamation: Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ (Haugen, from Massive Cremation)
- (the only piece from Cremation that I can stand)
Offertory: Ride on, ride on in majesty (Winchester New)
Sanctus and Agnus VIII
Memorial A and Amen: Danish
Communion: The Palms (J.-B. Faure)
- (My only complaint is that this was accompanied on piano instead of the organ. I didn't know what to expect when I saw Phil go to the piano, but was delighted that it was The Palms and not some instant Sominex love ballad like Roc O'Connor's Jesus the Lord.)
Recessional: To Jesus Christ, our sov'reign King (Ich Glaub an Gott)


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Richard Chonak said...

Here's our list:

St Mary Star of the Sea Parish, Beverly, MA
10:30 AM Mass, with choir
Rev. David Barnes, celebrant
Frederick MacArthur, organist/choirmaster

Prelude: (organ and tympani) Guilmant: Marche Religieuse

Opening Antiphon: Worship III, #808: plainchant in English: Hosanna to the Son of David

Processional: #428, All Glory, Laud, and Honor

Psalm: #811, Ps. 22, arrangement by "FS" -- some contributor to Worship

Gospel Acclamation: Marier: "Glory and praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ" ("Lent III"), add Soprano descant

Offertory: Faure, "The Palms": 1st two verses by the cantor, 3rd by all women

Sanctus: Mass XVIII
Eucharistic Prayer II, recited (Latin)
Memorial Acclamation: chant: "Mortem tuam..."
Amen: chant (just 3 notes)
Agnus Dei: Mass XVIII

Communion antiphon: cantor, on psalm tone, no verses.

Anthem: C. Griffith Bratt: Humbly I Adore Thee

Recessional Hymn: Ride on! ride on (tune: Winchester New), add Sop descant