Monday, April 27, 2009

Surviving the first two weeks

Well. Here is a short version of the past weekend. I had prepared a nice travelogue and description of the parish and liturgies, and then decided to do a preview. However, I messed all that up after the preview and ended up with an empty screen, so now we get the short version. More will appear later!

Improvisation on "Duke Street"
(Introduction, Chorale, Bicinium, Trio, Trumpet Tune)
Processional Hymn - "Jesus Shall Reign" (Duke Street)
Ordinary: "Heritage Mass" (Alstott)
Psalm: tune from Missalette (Joncas - ackward, but we made it work)
Alleluia: "traditional" Gregorian
Offertory Hymn - "At the Lamb's High Feast" (Salzburg)
Communion Hymn - "Shepherd of Souls" (St. Agnes)
Post-Communion - "Regina Coeli" (Mode V)
Recessional Hymn - "Hail, the Day That Sees Him Rise" (Llanfair)
Postlude - "Prince of Denmark's March" (Jeremiah Clarke)

Christ the King Church and School
Corpus Christi, TX


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Brian Michael Page said...

Now THIS is a quality music program!

That Joncas Psalm - is that from the WLP missile-ette? I didn't think it was all that bad. You'll be surprised how much of his stuff is actually good. Unfortunately his crappier stuff (Beagle's Things, Let the King of Glory Come, etc.) seems to get the most exposure.

Yes, you passed the blogging test. You did well, brother snark! :-)