Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yes, it's the April 2009 WTF AWARD!

This month, it goes to the faculty and staff of Brown University, who voted this week to change the name of Columbus Day to "Fall Weekend" on their calendars. They cited some crap about Columbus coming up north of the Caribbean and mistreating Indians. I don't ever remember reading anything like that in the history books, do you? Is this something a group of professors decided to invent recently? Or is this another attempt by Rhode Island's only Ivy League school (I use the word "school" loosely) to indoctrinate their students with their philosophical bull$&!+? (Ah yes, "philosophical bull$&!+", in lieu of an education, or better still, a very high-priced education!)

I'd give a WTF Award to the RI General Assembly, but I have a policy not to give the award to the same party(-ies) twice in a row. Oh screw it! I'll make an exception! During Holy Week, the legislative monkeys decided to put the following cards on the table: 1) the loophole in RI law that allows prostitution, as long as it's indoors and isn't the result of "human traficking", and 2) the ever-going gay marriage debate. In fact, one representative offered a bill that if the gay marriage debate does fail in favor of righteousness, that gay couples already married in other states can get divorced in RI.

Of course, this comes from a state where 60% of its population is Catholic. We Rhode Islanders shouldn't even be bothered with this kind of crap. But of course, the big argument is, Well, Iowa just okayed gay marriage, and our neighbors to the north and west (Massachusetts, home of Barney Frank, and Connecticut) are already doing it, and of course there's California. Who gives a rat's ass about these other states? I suppose if other states had legislators who jumped a bridge naked, some of our legislative monkeys would too! Don't these @$$&0!*$ ever consider actually LEADING instead of FOLLOWING? I find it hard to believe that many of these jerks were actually elected to their seats. (Of course, many seats in RI are often won with little or no opposition.)

Doesn't it seem funny that some of the most idiotic legislation happens during Holy Week? I'm beginning to wonder if many of our "lawmakers" are the Antichrist.

OK - so two WTF awards are given today. Congratulations, idiots!

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Unknown said...

As a history teacher, I can attest to the fact that there is plenty of historical evidence to back the claim that Columbus mistreated the natives he encountered. And to be honest, "mistreated" does not do justice to the type of pain and suffering the natives endured at the hands of CC and his men: Slavery, rape of the women, amputation of hands, legs, noses for not paying taxes, etc.

One needs to remember that textbook writers, like any other writer, have agendas and their own biases. We tend to want to make our history squeaky clean. For example, most people believe that Lincoln freed the slaves. He did, but not all of them. The Emancipation Proclamation only freed those slaves in the rebelling states. The border states, which did not rebel and were slaves states, were allowed to "keep" their slaves as long as they did not rebel.