Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A GOOD PRIEST'S REPUTATION - HURT... someone who waits over a quarter of a century
to claim he was abused!

Fr. Kevin Fisette, who I had the pleasure of serving as his organist/music director at Holy Name of Jesus Church for four years, and as his organist for the monthly Extraordinary Form Mass at St. Leo the Great Church for another year, has been accused of sexual abuse.

State police investigated the allegations that date to 1981-82 in April and found that “they were credible,” said Capt. David Neill, state police detective commander.

OK - now I'm going to ask a lovely question here? If Fr. Fisette really did such a thing, why wasn't this investigated in 1981-82 instead of 27 years later, in 2009? Why would someone wait so freakin' long to file a complaint, except for one of two reasons: either a personal vendetta on Fr. Fisette, or the vision of dollar signs from the Diocese of Providence? Or perhaps both? One may argue that many dioceses (including our diocese) were hiding things back then. However, if the diocese truly was hiding such a fact as a sexual allegation, shouldn't the parent(s) of the alleged victim, or the alleged victim himself if old enough, have had the state meddle in at that time??? Sounds like a scam to me!

In my experience working with Fr. Fisette, I cannot picture him doing this. I just can't. He has always been a good holy priest as long as I've known him. Suddenly some creep is going to file a molestation complaint 27 FREAKIN' YEARS AGO???!!! And the state finds it "credible"? If I was that investigator from the State of Rhode Island, I would be the first to say the following:

"I hate to say this, but you're full of shit. Where were you 27 years ago, or even 20 years ago, to say something then? Why didn't you tell your parents? You're hurting a good holy man who's busted his butt to get where he's been. Instead you've decided to ruin his reputation."

My whole family knows Fr. Fisette. Myself, my wife, all four of my kids, my mom. To see his reputation go to the shitter because of some money/vengence-hungry creep just makes me completely sick. How the hell do people like this sleep at night? Even if Father IS cleared, will any pastorate for him be safe from those who look at him as the freak? Sadly, I must say "doubtful".

Now, here's another blurb that's enough to make the most immune living thing puke:

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) issued a statement criticizing Bishop Thomas J. Tobin for not notifying the public sooner.

“For almost six months, Bishop Tobin and his staff recklessly and callously chose silence over warning and opted to alert no one about a credible allegation of child sexual abuse against a Catholic priest,” Barbara Dorris, director of SNAP, said.

She added, “Tobin had a moral and civic duty to promptly warn the public and his parishioners about this serious allegation.”

How quick these people from SNAP are in making a "SNAP judgement". Before Bishop Tobin could do anything, he had to make sure said allegations were legitimate. He's not going to just "out-of-the-blue" blab "FATHER SO-AND-SO IS A PEDOPHILE!" the minute someone says "boo!" The Bishop was by no means reckless in his actions. He too had to go through the proper channels. It sounds to me like some arrogant species trying to make an arrogant statement in an ill-fated attempt to screw the Church once again.

Father Fisette, if you are reading this from wherever you are right now, please rest assured that you have the support of the good people of St. Leo's, as well as my family and myself. You are in our prayers. Justice will be served via Almighty God.



Motherhen said...

The sad thing is, when he's cleared, you won't hear squat about it! A few years ago, a priest was accused of accessing pornographic websites @ the Rectory office. The local news was all over this. I was working as parish secretary at another parish and the only reason I heard that priest was cleared (it was actually some CCD kid who was being punished for bad behavior and fooling around on the computer in the Rectory office) was because I was an insider of a parish. Funny how the local news never saw it fit to recant their accusations.

27 years is a stretch! I can understand if the kid was young when it happened, but unless he was an infant, seems like this should have been reported 10 years ago at the least! Especially when 10 years ago, the scandal was really on the front burner. I have a hard time believing "repressed memories" and the like. Of course, I've never been molested/abused, so my logic may be skewed....unless I'm repressing memories!

Unknown said...

Sorry, I can't believe the veracity of an accusation so many years later. This is a sinful war being waged not only against good priests, but against Christ and His Church on earth. I wish the accusers many licks of their asses in the fires of hell.

Unknown said...

I will pray for Fr. Fisette, that he can get through this, and that this comes to a quick conclusion.

Ryan A. MacDonald (RAM) said...

This is indeed a disturbing story. There is only one reason why this case surfaced: $$$. I invite you to read a recently published article entitled "Due Process for Accused Priests" to be found at One can only imagine why the police found this 28 yr. old allegation to be "credible." It certainly isn't evidence, as there could be no evidence after 28 yrs. It is more "typical" than "credible."

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Unfortunately, all credible means is "this should be investigate". It does not mean "is probably guilty" though this is what people hear and is certainly how the Church seems to act.