Friday, August 7, 2009


The Creative Minority Report reports the Vatican's introduction of this great new program:

Patrick Archbold at CMR reports:
Thanks to an exciting new Vatican Program you can trade in your tired, old, progressive Priest, Liturgist, or Music Director for a brand new - certified orthodox - model.

The Vatican has begun a a new program officially called "Faith and Tradition Recovery Act" but otherwise known as "Mass for Clunkers." Under this program you can trade in your harmful old "Community Faith Director in the Catholic faith tradition" for a brand new Priest in the Order of Melchizedek! This exciting program also applies to progressive liturgists and music directors.

A brand new orthodox model comes with many benefits! First and foremost, a new model is guaranteed to save more souls! These antiquated and out of date models have wrecked our churches for too long! Save our environment and trade in your old progressive clunker now and as a bonus you will receive a 4500 days indulgence absolutely free!



Motherhen said...

That's pretty funny!

Unknown said...

What I find funny is that the hippie priest is wearing a Roman Collar.

Brian Michael Page said...

At the time that pic of the hippie priest was taken, I think Roman Collars were still common even for hippie priests.
If that pic was taken just a couple of years later, I suspect that street clothes would have been the hippie priest order of the day.