Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ya Gotta have the youknowwhateses, sometimes

So I just called the Catholic Schools office, regarding the music at the catholic school Mass each year. Since my kids were not part of the choir, I wanted to investigate. Now that I know how the omission happened, I'm grateful. My big mouth, I think. Early on, I'd mentioned to the principal and pastor that our kids are better off not having to sing the trashy music that's evidently presented at this yearly event.

When I asked if the organ was ever used, I got, "Oh, my, no!"

"Why not?" I queried.

"The directors at the schools don't use the organ" was the reply.

I started to get a bit terse, and then the shoe hit..... I should have seen it coming like the black plague that it is:

"The Bishop approved it. That's what he wants."

Such a short, short discussion. She only had to mention that last sentence early on and she'd been off the phone with me much earlier.

Please pray that someday, bishops and clergy alike, will recognize that children are far from stupid, and far from demanding trash for music in God's holy house.

I want to utter all sorts of expletives - oh, wait. I just did. I just don't know how to write them out. There aren't enough symbols on the keyboard of my computer for that sort of thing.

Glossalalia for cussers?



Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Amen Steve! And much the same can be said of the Children's Lectionary and the Children's Eucharistic Prayers.

Motherhen said...

I just don't understand the thinking of making the Mass "hip" for today's youth. They get enough of the secular in everyday life. Can't something be sacred and reverent?

Unknown said...

Sorry it's taken so loong to get back to this....very very busy...
The NaPalM people (some of them) are really hostile to this... dumb dumber.... that's the ticket.... of course, they think you have to receive fromthe Chalice, too, in order to receive the fullness of the Sacrament....and if you receive from clergy only, you are minimalizing the baptism of the laity who want to distribute!!!!