Monday, August 3, 2009


as they say in German, "ein Arschloch"!

First the SOB screwed me out of taking time off so I could be with my daughter as she and her travel team was able to play in a softball tournament in Hershey, PA. All I asked for was three lousy days, and it was one excuse after another. My response: "Try telling that to an 11-year-old!" She was heartbroken!

Now he's trying to toy with my forthcoming vacation time, which had been approved as early as last January by the previous boss (who left the company in May). I respected the previous boss' request of not taking two weeks in a row by taking the week beginning 8/17 and the week beginning 8/31. Because we CSM's (customer service managers) have 10 routes, one each day, it's a two-week cycle. So now, my current boss is trying to tell me my second week is no good because the same customers will be missed two cycles in a row. When I told him that wasn't what was told to me when I got my time approved by the previous boss, his response was "the LGM who approved your vacation no longer works for the company." SO WHAT?! For some reason this young "boy wonder" seems to think that his principal role as an LGM (local general manager) is to undo the alleged damage of the previous LGM. All he's done so far is piss off every CSM, CSMT, and warehouse personnel in our depot.

I'm in dialog with the regional human resources manager regarding the vacation matter. As my late father-in-law would say: "There are two things you don't *%$# with. You don't *%$# with my family, and you don't *%$# with my money!" By *%$#ing with my vacation time, he's *%$#ing with my family. Not happening, amigo!

This kid is way too young to run a depot, not to mention overzealous, and way too much a micromanager, and a "shit-stirrer". And like I said, he's pissed off our entire crew in some way, shape, or form.


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In the choir loft said...

Dear BMP,

Man o man, I'm really sorry all this bad shit happened to you and your family too. I'll keep you all in my prayers.