Tuesday, August 4, 2009


RSCT to Father Z - Milwaukee chapter of Voice of the Faithful folds!

Voice Affiliate Folds
The Milwaukee affiliate of Voice of the Faithful is calling it quits. They correctly diagnosed the problem: they lost their way, ticked off conservatives and became a clone of Call to Action. Their last event will be September 26—Father Richard McBrien of Notre Dame has been tapped to preside over the funeral. We expect it won’t be long before the parent group packs it in as well.

The above came to Father Z via e-mail. The good Father continues:
Awwwwww…. what a shame.
Do you suppose McBrien will use black vestments?

Nah! I suppose he'll keep the same old tie-dye vestments complete with peace signs and felt cutouts. The "funeral" will consist of Kumbaya, with emphasis on the verse "Someone's crying, Lord, Kumbayaaaaaaaaaa!"

By all means, a victory for the Catholic Church in Milwaukee!

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