Friday, August 21, 2009

On the Queenship of Mary

Normally, I'm totally opposed (honest!) to adding special events to the Holy Mass. Every liturgical and musical bone in my body says that this is wrong. Except for events sanctioned by Holy Mother the Church: baptisms, for instance.

Our parish school is dedicated to the queenship of Mary. That date, August 22, falls on a Saturday. Normally, this day would be celebrated at the school Mass. This year, Fr. Glen Mullan, pastor, petitioned the Bishop's office for permission to move the celebration to Sunday. The permission came through - and pleasant surprise. After all that work and prayer, however, Father decided that we would still do the regular lections for OT 21. Why? Because we have been involved in a series of homilies by both priests, on the Bread of Life narrative from John 6.

If we were not involved with that, the liturgy would flow seamlessly from music to spoken word. However, this week presents a mish-mash of two exceptionally wonderful liturgies. It will be what it will be.

The school students have crowns which they have "made" and decorated. The crowns were worn at the weekly school Mass this morning (Friday, 8/21), and will be worn at the Sunday Mass. I am happy to report that there is very little fussing around with these diadems, and they are not being cast down at times when they shouldn't oughta-be....

Mariology presents serious challenges when added to the liturgy this weekend. Especially when it comes to the choice of music. The opportunity is definitely available for teaching, to be sure. I'd rather not have to do this sort of thing, but, as Jackie Gleason used to say with such verve, "....awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy we go!"

Here's the run down:

Organ, Prelude in C - J. S. Bach (yeah, the one in which Gounod's improvisation on a theme by his future father-in-law is superimposed).

Entrance: Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above - Salve Regina Coelitum
Introit: from the Queenship of Mary, Tone VIII
Kyrie - Mass XVI
Gloria - Mass VIII
Psalm 34 - will be chanted antiphonally by the students at the noon Mass (no congregational involvement). At other Masses, the people will chant responsorially to Tone II

Offertory - Holy, Holy, Holy - Nicaea (pay note to stanza 2)
Sanctus - Mass XVIII
Mortem tuam - Sacramentary
Pater Noster - Robert Snow
Agnus Dei - Mass XVIII
Communion Antiphon for Queenship of Mary, Tone VIII
Communion Hymn, Cantemos al Amor de los Amores
(this is a lovely, albeit pietistic, piece which the students sing each day at the conclusion of Mass, while the Blessed Sacrament is transferred to the Adoration Chapel.)

During the Ablutions - Ave Maria - Mode I chant sung mostly by the children
(there will be very few adults who know this, but they'll learn it quickly enough, as it is going to replace the Salve Regina at the weekend Masses).

Recessional - Daily, Daily, Sing to Mary - Alle Tage Sing und Sage
Organ - Fanfare - Ronald Arnatt

Fortunately, we don't do things like the protest ants do - - - you know, Girl Scout Sunday, Boy Scout Sunday, Grandparents Sunday, Fourth of July Sunday, Christmas Eve Day Sunday, Second Coming of Christ Sunday, Let's Bash Catholic Theology that we don't know or understand Sunday..... etc., ad nauseum.

And to all, a good weekend.


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