Monday, April 11, 2005

AVE MARIA - a motet that even congregations can sing

One of my first sacred pieces written was a setting of the AVE MARIA. I wrote it in the summer of 1985, originally as a hymn, but written with the intention that it could also be sung as a motet. It may have been picked up by McLaughlin and Reilly, had it been written 10-20 years before my own birth. It's a style that's missing in many Roman Catholic hymnals in the English-speaking world today.

AVE MARIA is available in five formats. There is the basic hymn for the congregation, accompanied. There is also a solo in two keys (Low for alto/baritone, same key as the hymn; High for soprano/tenor). There is also an SATB setting in the same two keys. The solo and SATB settings also come with individual parts for string quartet.

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