Wednesday, April 6, 2005


This afternoon, I have no clue what had happened, but I could not open a bleeding thing on my computer - not even the "My Computer" folder or my Start Menu (I run XP, btw). My guess is that something tried to download itself and eat at some system files - the work of the devil in the form of some hacker.
I couldn't get to my System Restore, which forced me to the last option, the System Recovery. As a result, all my available written music was lost, as well as the software that I use to compose with. Tomorrow I am switching from Capella to Music Time, and the re-writing process will begin. My printers (both the regular printer and the PDF printer driver I have) are both re-installed. I deleted my promo articles on much of the music for now until the works are re-completed. The only one I left up is the one for my own tune for use with the hymn text "Around the Throne, a Glorious Band", as that piece is readily available from CanticaNOVA Publications.
Bear with me as I re-write, and the pieces (and promos thereof) will be back as soon as possible.

+In Christ,

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