Monday, April 11, 2005

and a SONG for the COAT OF ARMS

(This article was originally written on April 1, 2005, and is updated on April 11, 2005)

Effective May 31, 2005, Our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, has accepted the resignation of the Most Rev. Robert E. Mulvee, Bishop of Providence. Our new bishop will be the Most Rev. Thomas J. Tobin, who has served the past ten years as Bishop of Youngstown, Ohio.

Click here for more information on Bishop Tobin.

Incidentally, it has been a custom here somehow that at least one person from this Diocese has had the pleasure of writing a hymn or song in honor of the Bishop's coat of arms. Alexander Peloquin did a splendid job with "Rejoice in Hope", which was written for Bishop Louis E. Gelineau, who served the Providence Diocese from 1972-1997. Another setting I recall was one written by the late Rev. Mr. John Russell, who was not only a permanant deacon, but organist at Sacred Heart Church in Woonsocket, who I had succeeded upon his retirement. Dr. Peloquin's successor at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, the Rev. Anthony Mancini, successfully penned "As One Who Serves" for Bishop Mulvee. I, too, had written a hymn text by the same title, and set it to the tune KREMSER, which is commonly sung with the hymn "We Gather Together".

I now present to Bishop Tobin, and to the people of the Diocese of Providence, and to all who read my blog, "God Gave to Us, Not a Spirit of Fear". The refrain is taken from Bishop Tobin's coat of arms, "Strong, Loving, Wise" - God gave to us, not a spirit of fear, but a spirit strong, loving, wise. This is cited from the St. Paul's second letter to St. Timothy (2 Timothy 1:7). The verses come from a hymn text written by the late John Walker (1769-1833). The musical setting I chose to write is a meditative one, yet mystical. Some dissonant moments appear, mainly at the end of each line of the verses, reminiscent of much of Dr. Peloquin's styles.
At the moment, it is being submitted to a publisher, whose name I will make public if it should be accepted. At the same time, I have recently sent it to the Diocesan Worship Office in hopes to promote it at least at that level.

In the meantime, "God Gave to Us, Not a Spirit of Fear" is available through my own publishing outlet, Christus Vincit Music. Two versions are available - a basic responsory edition for congregation and cantor, and a choral edition that utilizes melody/descant for the antiphon and SATB voicing for the verses. Recommended accompaniment is (of course) the organ.

PRICING: E-mail me for pricing.

E-mail me with the following (DO NOT use the comments link to do this):
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You will receive instructions on the amount to send, and the address to send it to. Once payment is received, your music will be e-mailed or shipped to you IMMEDIATELY.

Unfortunately, I'm not geared to take plastic yet. Sorry for the inconvenience. So payment must be by check or money order. These WILL be verified before accepting.

God gave to us, not a spirit of fear, but a spirit strong, loving, wise.

+In Christ,

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