Sunday, April 3, 2005

THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER (Jubilate Deo Sunday) at Holy Ghost

Saturday Mass at 4:30
Sunday Masses at 7:30, 9:00 (Junior Choir), and 10:30 (Senior Choir)

Introit at 9 and 10:30: Shout with joy to God, all the earth (Tone 8G)
- note: 10:30 Mass, add Latin versicle "Dicite Deo, quam terribilia sunt opera tua, Domine"
Processional: OLD 100TH - All people that on earth do dwell (#303)
Psalm: Alstott - Lord, you will show us the path of life (p. 91/92 in missalette)
Alleluia: Mode II - O Filii et Filiae
Offertory: ADORO TE DEVOTE - Godhead here in hiding (#483, in English)
Sanctus: Vermulst - People's Mass
Mysterium, Per Ipsum, and Agnus Dei: Peloquin - Mass of the Bells
- 9:00 Peloquin - Jesus, Shepherd of our souls
- All other Masses - ST. AGNES - Shepherd of souls, refresh and bless (#348)
Communion Proper:
- 9:00 The Lord has risen and has appeared to Peter, Alleluia.
- 10:30 Surrexit Dominus, et apparuit Petro, Alleluia.
Recessional: HYFRYDOL - Alleluia! Sing to Jesus! (#740)

+With joyful shouts to God,

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