Sunday, January 22, 2006


Via the Google search engine, you'll be amazed what you can come up with!

I did a search on "Christus Vincit Podcasting", and stumbled into a site called BlogShares - a "fantasy stock market".

It turns out that the blog you are reading right now has a "valuation" of B$3547.62. I'd have to share with Nick and Jason.
The CHRISTUS VINCIT Podcasting blog (not the site) is "valued" at an even B$1000.00.
Matthew over at The Dusty Choir Loft is just kicking my butt profusely at B$7851.87! (Incidentally, the search led me to the page pertaining to Matthew's blog)
And Jeff, The Curt Jester, hit six figures - B$131039.58! Do you share, Jeff? (just kidding) And so is Amy Welborn at her Open Book blog - a whopping B$180843.87!
Even Fr. Keyes at The New Gasparian is at the five figure mark - B$18289.46!
And so is Mary Jane at Sacred Miscellany - B$10859.93!
And Aristotle, the Recovering Choir Director, as well - B$33952.58!
And the folks at Musica Sacra - B$10944.84!
The folks at The New Liturgical Movement are doing quite well too at B$24060.28!
Those Ignatius Insight Scoop people have a slight edge on me at B$4402.91.
Plato's Stepchild is at B$6019.22.
I do have somewhat of a slight edge on Adam at The Traditional Roman Mass - B$2823.40.
Fellow podcaster Clayton at The Weight of Glory is ahead of me by a nose at B$3878.96.
In the running also is Ma Beck at the Ward Wide Web at B$2828.16.

Man, if this was real, most of us bloggers wouldn't have to work!

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