Tuesday, January 31, 2006


My son Chris, who is 20, has been an avid bowler for years. When he was only 14 (maybe even younger than that), he was able to smoke me in bowling. He's carried roughly a 200+ average for a few years now. I've told him he can be PBA material. But he's playing it smart. He wants to finish college first.

Anyhoo, he bowls in a league called the Providence Senate Juniors. He recently bowled the first perfect 300 game in the history of the league (and his first ever). And if that isn't enough, he threw a 746 three-game series (averaging 249). Way to go Chris!

BTW, I've never even broken 200 (193 was my closest - twice, once in high school, and once about two years ago). Chris' league average is 226.



Cathy said...

Awesome! Congrats, Chris!
For the record, my average is about 80.

Jack B. said...

My highest was 192. Haven't gotten close to that since. Just once I'd love to see a 300 game, let alone bowl one myself. Congrats to Chris.

Brian Michael Page said...

Thanks much y'all. The only 300 I ever saw was on TV - Mark Roth, back in the mid '70's.

My last league average, for the record, was from two years ago - 143.
Duckpins - about 100.
Candlepins - about 80.

Thanks again.
BMP (Chris' dad)