Thursday, January 26, 2006


Over the past few days, I've added some blogs to the link list on the sidebar. While blogging on BlogShares, I had discovered that a few more sites had us on their link list, so, in turn, I added them to ours:

From the Anchor Hold by Karen Marie Knapp
Idle Mendacity by Jack Bennett
Recta Ratio by G. Thomas Fitzpatrick

Today I added two more blogs. The first, The Cafeteria is Closed, by Gerald Augustinus, is one I stumbled on via The Curt Jester. I posted a comment on one of his articles, he commented on mine, and we linked each other. The other I ran into via another comment from the "Closed Cafeteria", Hymnography Unbound, written by Kathleen Pluth, a hymn author whose works appear in CanticaNOVA Publications.

Welcome all of you to the sidebar!



Kathleen Pluth said...

Thanks for the notice!

Brian Michael Page said...

No problem at all.

Also on CanticaNOVA with "A Glorious Band"

Jack B. said...

Thanks for the link. Love your blog!

Brian Michael Page said...

Never a problem Jack. Actually, if you saw my post about that Blog$hares site, I had found that you actually linked me first, so I also have you to thank.