Sunday, January 29, 2006


Fr. Philip N. Powell, OP, of Irving, Texas, has a good idea on what to do with a missalette:
"Put down the missalette, or as I prefer to call them Those Paper Destroyers of the Liturgy, or Those Menaces to the Word Proclaimed. Put them down. No, tear them in half, stick them in your pocket, and bury them near a soggy marsh."

He's right. Use a hymnal instead. Preferably one that doesn't change every year! Preferably one with music that is fit for use at Holy Mass.

Actually, the article is on how to listen to a homily. It's really good.

Still - yeah - tear the missalettes up and get a hymnal. (Sorry, had to! It's the musician in me! hehehehe)


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Unknown said...

What is it you object to? Is it that people bury their noses in the readings? Well, perhaps someone could teach that there might be more fulfilling ways to relate to the liturgy. Is it that the songs change somewhat year-to-year? People change. Shouldn't music? Is it that the material is inexpensive, and recyclable? Whose resources are you worried about?

Or is it just that in the "good old days" (how old were you then?) there weren't missalettes.