Monday, January 2, 2006


I've been "memed" by the Ward Wide Web! I'm being asked my "five weird habits". I hope I got this right. I've never been memed before.

1. I've been known to eat all portions of a multi-course meal separately.
2. I never consume an alcoholic beverage, though anyone who knows me will tell you how I love to drink Coca-cola by the two liter bottle.
3. Though all my church music has to be reverent in style, my main musical taste at home and on the road is classic rock and power pop from the '60's and '70's (I was laughed at for being a Raspberries fan - and I stand my ground even today)
4. If I'm direly sick on a weekend, I blow off the ER (they're terrible here) and wait till Monday when my regular doctor is in.
5. I do much of my podcasting in my living room, using (of all things) "Sound Recorder", thus having to hit the "record" button every 60 seconds or so.

I pass this meme on to Sacred Miscellany, The Recovering Choir Director, The Weight of Glory, The Dusty Choir Loft, and Plato's Stepchild.


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