Monday, December 25, 2006


Accepted the tag from Ma Beck.

1.) Favorite devotion to Jesus: The Stations of the Cross
2.) Favorite Marian prayer: Recited: Hail, Holy Queen / Sung: Ave Maria by Tomas Luis de Victoria
3.) Do you wear a scapular or medal? Haven't worn anything around my neck since high school.
4.) Do you have holy water in your home? No, but my mom once had some from a shrine in Montreal when she travelled there.
5.) Do you offer up your sufferings? Absolutely. Ya gotsta!
6.) Do you go to Adoration? On a rare occasion, yes. As an organist, I've played my share of Benedictions.
7.) Are you a Vigil Mass person or a Sunday morning person? When I'm not at the organ console, I like to go when and where the music is good, whether it's a Saturday or a Sunday.
8.) Do you say prayers at mealtime? Usually in my heart, but on family gatherings on Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., we do say grace.
9.) Favorite Saints: Michael the Archangel, Thomas the Apostle, Peter the Apostle, Pius X, Thomas Aquinas, and Cecilia. (I'll stop at a half dozen)
10.) Oops, I missed one. Do you observe First Fridays or First Saturdays? At this point in time, no. However, we used to as a class in first grade.
11.) Can you recite the Apostles' Creed by heart? Yes.
12.) Do you say short prayers during the course of the day? I try to.
13.) When you pass a car wreck or hear a siren, do you say a short prayer? One can't help but pray for the victims. However, in the case of the average Rhode Island driver (dubbed the "Rhode Idiot" or "RhoDidiot"), we often think of it as "one idiot hit another idiot" in the case of the car wreck.

Tag, you're it: whoever reads this and wishes to give it a shot.


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